Public ntinue to suffer as the link roads not repaired so far

VoH Report
HUNZA, Karimabad, Hyderabad, Aliabad, August : As if it was not enough to face the troubles away from the families, who are already in trouble. A truck driver and cleaner got injuries in a road mishap at Karimabad, Hunza on last Sunday. Karakorum High Way ruined at various points right from the Besham to Khujarab pass during torrential rains and subsequent flooding along different nallahs in the region.

HUNZA, Hyderabad:Broken walls along parrallel link road poses heavy vehicles to threats. VoH Photo
Interestingly, a link road already with bad conditions due to lack of attention on part of public works department, provided a substitute for flow of traffic. Yet, with continuous rains, the walls and intersections at various places weakened gradually. The concerned department took little interest in the matter on pretext of lack of personnel and fuel. Constant flooding in three main nallahs namely, Phroo, Asaha,and Hyderbad Har (nallah) largely inundated KKH, leaving no option for public transport but to use only Aliabad, Karimabad and Ganish link road as alternate route.

HUNZA, Karimabad: A truck carrying goods from Attaabad blockade heading to down city ion last Saturday overturned due to bad road condition. Authorities allowed both heavy and light vehicles without ensuring proper repair of the Aliabad via Karimabad to Ganish link road. Image by Shams
Few days earlier, a fleet of trucks carrying Chinese goods was allowed to use the same route in mid night without considering its condition. Consequently, last truck carrying tyres overturned, leaving two injured and ruined the potato crops under. Concerned department, instead of taking proper measures tried to place responsibility on the owner of the field who had left few stones on one side of the route. Public circles called upon regional government to repair this vital link road to facilitate not only the population along which it passes but also to have an alternative to use in times of necessity.

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Water receding in Upstream

Al-Shams Bi-Monthly Report

HUNZA, GOJAL, July 24: The water level in the upstream is receding as the width of spill way continuous to expand and creating further slope for last two weeks. With the discharge of more water from barrier, boulders remained bury started to appear creating somehow resistance to further increase in outflow.

According to a team of geological experts monitoring movement of water and land surface, rate of out flow would increase within next few days if Sunday days enhance melting of glaciers in Gojal and outskirts According to recent data, water discharge has been increased from 18500 to 22600 cusec commulatively.sunny days for a week was enough to increase rate of inflow against outflow”, a monitoring team expert told AlShams Bi-Monthly on telephone.
On the other hand, recent move by Legislative Assembly Council and NDMA to replace tradtional method with mechanical one could not metrialized for unknown reason.

Courtesy: VoH

Posted by: Shams | July 25, 2010

ASA calls for collaborative concious relief efforts

Monotroring Desk
By: Shams, John

KARACHI, July 20: Attaabad Students Association (ASA), Karachi chapter has called for the all youth associations of Gilgit-Baltistan to drive collaborative efforts to induce authorities regarding rehabilitation process of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) on priority basis to push the reallocation of Upstream areas in the second phase. According to our correspondent, ASA convened a meeting of all youth associations on Monday evening. The meeting aimed to chalk out strategy to resolve rehabilitation issue of affectees was attended by three major youth associations: Hunza-Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan Youth association and Gojal Ismaili Students Association, Karachi Chapter.

KARACHI: Representatives of youth and students associations of Gilgit-Baltistan, on call of Attaabad Students Association vow to initiate conscious efforts for the rehabilitation of the affectees of Attaabad disaster.  Photo by: John

The envoys of associations criticized government’s show of relief to IDPs and urged for an effective mechanism leading to pressurize authorities for immediate rehabilitation. Speakers at the moment expressed serious concerns over empty promises by both federal and regional government officials as well as representatives that proved nothing but political slogans. Meanwhile, speakers identified issues rose out of post disaster scenario including IDP’s withered life at relief camps, financial burden that forced various families to entrust their children to numerous NGOs; besides psychological problems, affectees were uncertain of their future as red tap in bureaucracy and disgusting attitude on part of political leadership has added a fuel to their sufferings.
Representatives of these associations called on the other regional associations to join hand saying there was no reasons to wait further and cherish hope for any relief from government. Besides, participants demanded of authorities to involve educated youth in rehabilitation planning and execution andvowed to rise up united to preserve the interest of the people affected of disaster.

Monitorign Report

GILGIT, July 21: After an exhaustive time line, Karakorum International University (KIU) announced its SSC(metric) part-1 and part-2 result formally available on its website. The university came on fire from different circles especially of the vigilant regional bloggers for its inefficiency on pretext of a deal that expired last week.
According to the details, Kamaluddin of Ideal Muslim School, Gilgit stood got first position with 880 marks. While Amjad Hussain and Nausheen secured 847 and 840 and remained second and third respectively.”Out of 13020 students appeared only 5793 passed in the examination; and overall result remained 44.49 percent this year, said the university sources via telephone.
Following link can be use to see results on web:

By:Shamsuddin Muhammad

HUNZA, July16: Karakorum High Way (KKH), a major and only land route link of Sino-Pak trade and known as seventh wonder of the world is now a days in vulnerable condition. The route passed by Gilgit-Baltistan region that has vital role in development from  an isolated scattered populated backwater periphery to a fabricated developing globalized one fell into pray of negligence.

HUNZA, Aliabad: The Karakorum High Way (KKH), the only Sino-Pak land trade link tuned into water pools after heavy rain fall at busy places of Aliabad, the commercial hub of Hunza-Nagar is a good picture of negligence by road construction and regularity authorities of both the countries. Image by: Shams

During the reign of General (r) Pervez Musharraf,former president,the contract of the expansion of this vital road was given to a foreign building and construction firm called Chinese Road and Bridge Constructions (CRBC) around two years back with a target of 65 feet wide was reduced by 40 feet after the consultation with contemporary regime.

HUNZA, Aliabad: Contrary to claims with high sounding words by both the governments to strengthen trade links, the picture is enough to portray the condition of the only land link for Sino-Pak trade. Heavy rainfall in Central Hunza like at Aliabad, the main hub of commercial activities in Hunza-Nagar portrays a scene of slum area where virtually light vehicles used to stuck in the mid of water poles. VoH Photo

Besides reduction in width, the road at every next point left open, posing passangers to road mishaps on pretext of Attaabad lake’s out burst . Pace of work across the region is comparatively slow than before and few contractors of the firm have able to complete projects, given. The situation during last heavy rain pour that turned dilapidated road filled with muddy water into nightmare has served to infuse anger among population against road construction authorities. Poor road condition has caused to drop number of vehicles being run in public transport, increasing problems of a common man where, patients and school going children are the main sufferers in this scenario. Public circles have demanded of government to direct Chinese firm to cover ditches as soon as they get accomplish to facilitate local population.

Courtesy: VoH (Voice of  Hunza)

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A woman found dead beneath Nasirabad bridge

HuNZA,July 07:A body of around 40 years old woman was found dead beneath Nasirabad (Hindee) bridge here at 10.00 AM on Wednesday. According to police sources, laborers working on Karakorum High Way (KKH) expansion project informed nearby police personnel deputed at bridge about the presence of a body of any woman along the shores.

HUNZA-NAGAR: Around five days older dead body found underneath Nasirabad bridge still a mystery. Image by: Wally Shams Police took the body and rushed to the civil hospital for necessary medical examination.According to Station House Officer, Aliabad the corpse is around five days old as her cloths were in safe condition. ” We are still not came to conclusion to term it a murder, yet possibility of such an attempt can not be denied, ” he added. Public were informed who kept on visiting for identification throughout the day at civil hospital premises.
The deceased, around four and half feet high, wearing a colorful string round her neck seems Chinese like in her appearance.No one has identified her as their kith and kin so far. The Medical Officer, civil hospital Aliabad, Hunza, in the view of postpartum report,said that the deceased has died of drowning saying still it was unclear whether she attempted a suicide, fell into river or was forced to jump into.” There is not a single sign of external torture or injury on her body to assume it murder case,” said the police sources.
People residing near the shores of Hunza-Nagar river including those whose kith and kins still not recovered from in Attaabad catastrophe also continued visited hospital on across the day. Finally, the deceased was buried in Aliabad graveyard on Monday’s late evening due to failure in identification and cooling facility to await kiths for a long time.Courtesy: VoH

AlShams Bi-Monthly

HUNZA, Aliabad: Authorities of power department never get tired to give directions to use low voltage appliances and savers to reduce pressure on the only power generating house, Hasanabad, Hunza can be applied overwhelmly if the department itself would able to dispense its own responsibilities. A street light on Boys  I nter College  is eluminated during the day time in the Aliabad. Image by: Shamsuddin Muhammad

AlShams monitoring Report

HUNZA, June 08: World community observed envirnment day on Saturday,fifth June, 2010 with zeal as usual. Internally displaced Persons (IDPs) of Salmanabad, who have been accommodated at Girls Inter College, Karimabad, Hunza arranged a special walk to mark the day.

HUNZA, Karimabad, Hyderabad: IDPs of Salmanabad on a walk to mark world environment day. Image by: Shams

Students and  teachers holding playcards marched from the Karimabad, temporary relief camp to Khurukushal,
Hyderabad and to Aga Khan Academy, Baltit to give people environment friendly messages. To read in detail, please click on following link :

Monitoring report
HUNZA, June 4: Huge differences in data shared and desiminated on electoric media both government owned and private ones. Electronic media which finally found its way to disaster hit areas, while arranged to cover the situation is taking data for granted without confirmation. Even there are few who question the verocity of the data provided by National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA), NESPAK and FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance as the outflow is virtually lower than claimed. On the other hand, media especially, the news channels,both private and government owned,in a quest to excel from each other was airing data on water release: seepage and overflow, accumulately.

Hunza, Attaabad: Out flow from the spill way on Thursday. Image by:

The water release recorded last day, for instance was around four thousand five hundred cusecs with an entry of five thousand five hundred. Yet, when obseved at Ganish main bridge,the passage reveals even less than half of the normal water flow  8000 cusecs recorded, due to inclusion of numerous streams of Central Hunza to this point every year in summer.
Interestingly,the data aird on Private channes was varied: some reported 3900, few 4200 while the rest 4500 thus confusing the audience to which they believe.  Moreover, due to lack of scientific data, every thing was based on guess as the Closed Circuit Camras installed on the
hemlets of bottle neck gorge reported out of order in wake of heavy rains; thus there are uncertainities in downstream villages along the Hunza river. The local administration has declared next twenty four hours crucial to release huge amount of water from barrier. One may predict, the same will go on till a month as according to David, a foreign geological engineer, there was only possiblity of release of hugle amount of water if the Southward bank of West-facade in barrier loss capacity to ease pressure due to fast erosion and diches prduced above near the passge of ruined KKH. Yet,the time ahead would tell what was the fate of the blockade as no prediction can be taken as authority because of the lack of proper scientific data.


VoH Report

HUNZA, June 05: The continuous rain fall for last two days have affected disaster relief operations and airlift missions from Central to Upper Hunza, Gojal areas. Heavy rain caused to suspend helicopter service on Thursday noon and the whole Friday. Similarly, Gilgit-Hunza, Nagar section remained suspended on Friday due to landslide at Chikas, a rocky passage on Karakorum High Way (KKH) between Murtazaabad and Nasirabad village. According to media reports, local volunteers and few travelers were busy to clear the road on immediate basis as the KKH renovation project was given by Pakistan government to a Chinese Road and Bridge construction (CRBC) firm.
It is pertinent to mention that due to deviation from actual(original) reconstruction plan of Karakorum High Way (KKH), irregularities, and use of sub-standard material on part of both authorities and the private Chinese firm and ongoing landslide disaster and spawned natural lake swelling gradually has badly affected the speed of work on the proposed route. Consequently, travelers face trouble as the vehicles used a dilapidated road equip ed with mud and stones.

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